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Successful DMC5000 Install

To meet our customers' ever increasing needs to machine larger and heavier work pieces, Bergeron Machine Shop is thrilled to announce the successful installation of its newest machine, the DMC5000!

Sitting atop 3 feet of concrete the DMC5000 is one of the largest vertical machining centers on the Gulf Coast! This massive machine weighs in at 107 tons! With travels of 200" x 124" x 90 under spindle, a table capacity of 50 tons, and a 50HP gear driven spindle, it can handle some of the South's largest work pieces. It is also equipped with a 39" 4th axis with a 12" thru hole for any long shaft jobs. With drop down doors on each end it gives us the ability to machine parts as long as 40 feet.

Since measuring parts of this scale can be troublesome, this machine is equipped with a renishaw probing system, which will give us the ability to measure large parts within tenths of a thousand, taking human error out of the picture.

To further the DMC5000's capability it is also equipped with a multiangular head. This head gives us the ability to perform both vertical, horizontal, and angled machining operations in a single setup. These reductions in setup will provide our customers with faster completion/delivery of orders and allow us the ability to offer more competitive pricing.

This machine will greatly compliment our other medium to large mills, the DMC3100 which has travels of 120" x 51.5", VF-9 (84" x 40"), BMC-110 CNC HBM (79 x 71), and our manual HBM (84 x 96). It will also give us ability to perform secondary operations to parts machined in our newly installed GV1600 CNC vertical lathe which can turn 78".